It only makes sense to know what we have, right? We pride ourselves on creating blends that elevate, not only the coffee itself, but your enjoyment.

We currently provide four separate offerings, all available in either 6oz, 12oz, or 1lb bags.

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Blackjack Blend

A blend of South Asian and Arabian beans, providing an earthy and fruity base with a more mellowed top, balancing the flavors of the Eastern grown coffees directly to your cup.

Comparable to a medium dark to dark roast.

Viva Blend

Central/South American Coffees provide a nutty and hearty base for this blend, while African coffees provide floral aromas and sharp, fruity bodies that excite the palette.

Comparable to a light-medium to medium roast

Seasonal Single Origin

It only makes sense to have a rotating single origin coffee. If you are willing to branch out on your own adventure and take a tour through the vast regions of coffee-dom, we provide a single origin coffee from around the world that has been roasted to highlight the complexities that a blend just can not quite provide.

All coffees in this category are roasted to a light roast, just first crack.

Seasonal Decaf

We haven't forgotten about you. Decaf can also be quite complex and it's honestly a shame that it has been so marred by bad batches and brews. Just as its full strength sibling, this coffee is roasted to bring out the flavors and aromas you didn't think were possible in a decaf. All of the complexity, none of the jitters.

Decafs are roasted, generally, to a light to light-medium.